Immunotec Immunocal Booster Switch Your Energy On

Immunotec Immunocal Booster: Switch Your Energy On

Maintaining our body’s energy is important no matter what kind of lifestyle we’re subscribed to. 

We not only have to keep the use of our energy in check, but also make sure that our daily energy intake serves us well through the food and drinks that we ingest, in order to achieve good energy balance. 

This can be done by ensuring a healthy lifestyle that is equipped with adequate amounts of physical activity, as well as keeping a balanced diet that can be easily followed through. 

If you’re on the look-out for a natural dietary supplement such as an energy booster to complement your Staying Healthy Plan, Immunotec’s new Immunocal Booster is there for you! 

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Energy and our body 

The human body needs energy not just so we can perform physical activities such as eating, taking a bath, working, walking and sleeping.

Energy also enables it to fuel internal functions from digesting the food we eat to repairing, building and maintaining cells and body tissues so that we can resume external activities that define our daily lives!

Immunotec Immunocal Booster is your go-to energy booster which provides immediate and sustained energy to help you increase your focus and finish important tasks at hand. 

A natural difference

Immunotec Immunocal Booster edge is that it is the first natural booster with an Nrf2 activator—and the most powerful Nrf2 activator in the marketplace. 

The supplement also extends the capacity of Immunocal, which provides the building blocks to produce the body’s top antioxidant glutathione . 

Now, what’s an Nrf2? It is the body’s critical survival gene allowing all of our antioxidants—which help defend our cells from damage—to work better! 

Immunotec’s Immunocal and Immunocal Energy Booster is anchored in revolutionary science through the new field epigenetics, which studies how we can switch certain genes in the body on and off instead of altering the genetic code itself. 

The booster is powered by its exclusive Nrf2 catalyst™ which has the most potent Nrf2 switch on the market today. 

What it contains 

Immunotec’s Nrf2 catalyst™ utilizes broccoli seed extract for sulforaphane, which switches on our body’s natural detoxification system. 

It also has selenium, an essential trace nutrient mineral which matches with glutathione to boost our antioxidant defenses.

Aside from this, the healthy energy alternative also features Immunotec’s exclusive mix of three natural caffeine sources, serving as its major sources of energy: green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract and guarana seed extract.

To add, Immunotec Immunocal Booster is also gluten-free!

The better alternative

The convenient booster can be ingested alone or can be mixed with a beverage so long as the drink isn’t hot. 

To up your energy and performance to a higher level, the supplement can be taken in the morning to jumpstart a fresher day, mid-morning or mid-afternoon, before a work-out. It can even be taken at night to suit the busy!


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