Seacret Top Picks: The 5 Seacret Skincare Essentials for Summer

I enjoy dabbing my face with light makeup every once in a while. For me, it’s the easiest way to channel a glowing summer skin. A light tinted sunscreen, powder, two or three swipes of mascara, blush in peachy tone, and tinted lip balm and I’m all set. 

While I’m blessed with a golden skin tone, I’m cursed with oily, sometimes acne-prone skin. Having this predicament makes wearing makeup both a lifesaver and a main skin stressor especially during summer.

I have an oily skin type and the intense heat brings out the worst in my skin such as acne, overproduction of sebum, hives, you name it. As a result, I resorted to wearing makeup more frequently, which then clogs my pores and worsens my skin problem. It’s a vicious cycle and I wanted to break out of it.

Most of the beauty & wellness articles that I have read sang the same hymn- I need to commit to a skin regimen that not only nourishes but also heals. Where do I find such products? How do I begin?

After doing my research and dissecting customer reviews, I landed on the Seacret Skincare Collection which is an intriguing mineral-based skincare collection. 

Here’s the hook: It’s a unique skincare collection with a secret ingredient on each product: Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea’s popularity is not news to me, or perhaps to anyone. It is a known place that has the richest minerals on the planet that have healing and restoring properties. I gave it a try and the rest is history. No skin regimen has ever made me commit until I discovered the Seacret Skincare products. Summer or not, I can flaunt a healthier-looking skin, thanks to its never-ending benefits.

Here are the 5 Seacret Skincare essentials for the summer to help you jumpstart your way to a healthier-looking skin:

1. Seacret Pure Salt Cleanse & Polish Facial Wash

This facial wash contains a whopping 62% of Dead Sea Salt. It deeply cleanses without drying your skin. Have you ever used a facial wash that actually hurts and stings your face? This is far from those sandpaper-like face scrubs. Seacret’s facial wash has a uniquely-textured gentle exfoliating power, which refines and polishes, rejuvenating the skin surface. Using this sea salt scrub will give you that refreshing feeling without taking away your summer vibe. 

2. Seacret Flexi Boost Coconut Hydrogel Mask: Vitalizing & Glowing (6 each)


Coconut is the universal summer emblem and you definitely have to pack this in your bag for your next summer getaway. 

Basking in the sun from morning until afternoon can exhaust and dry out your skin and you need a revitalizing reinforcement. This powerful hydrogel mask infused with vitamin-rich coconut oil that boosts skin suppleness. It’s easy to absorb, helping your skin maintain its natural moisture balance. Your face will maintain its glow day and night, you’d wanna take a snap of it every other second.

3. Seacret AClear Facial Toner

This toner will prepare your skin from the challenging skin problems that lie ahead with its salicylic acid content; a known effective ingredient for acne-prone skin. It works to remove oil and traces of dirt and grime and helps reduce excess oil and control sebum production. 

You won’t have to hide from the sun or any harsh environmental conditions when you use this miracle toner.

4. Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes

As I have mentioned, wearing makeup under the summer heat is not advisable especially when you have oily or acne-prone skin. If you can’t help it, make sure that you remove it with treated wipes that are specifically made to remove deep-seated chemicals. 

The Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes feature a special formula infused with Dead Sea minerals, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Ideal for all skin types, these gentle wipes will quickly and gently cleanse your face of daily dirt and makeup, leaving behind nourished and smooth skin.

Pro tip: You can use the Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes to wipe your face even if you’re not wearing makeup to get an instant boost if your skin is feeling tired.

5. Seacret Non-Smudge Mascara

While your eyelashes are not officially part of your skin, they play a huge role in achieving a perfect summer look and therefore should be included in your Seacret Skincare Essentials for summer.

Don’t treat this mascara as makeup, treat it as if it’s a natural extension of your lashes. This mineral-rich mascara is guaranteed smudge/smear/clump-free. It looks great all-day and very easy to wash, making life easier. 

*For volume and layering, use the Non-Smudge Mascara Cone Brush

*For length and separation, use the Non-Smudge Mascara Curved Brush

It’s best used with the Seacret Pro Styling Eyelash Curler.

You get what you pay for and each Seacret Skincare Essential Product sure is worth the price. These handpicked Seacret Skincare Essentials for Summer are the perfect way to start your journey around a simple, no-fuss, yet highly effective skincare regimen. It all lies in the special ingredients that make up every product that you use and the Seacret skincare products are carefully concocted to improve and nourish your skin and beyond, whatever season you’re in. 


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