Top 6 Essential Skincare Products by 4Life

Top 6 Essential Skincare Products by 4Life

Without proper care, our skin loses its natural vibrance. If you want to maintain flawless and younger-looking skin, consider including these top 6 essential skincare products by 4Life to your beauty regimen. 

Top 6 Essential Skincare Products by 4Life 

  1. RainBurst Moisture Cream

Your skin’s natural moisture lessens when you get exposed to the sun for a long time and don’t moisturize – that’s when scales, cracks, and dullness come to life. RainBurst Moisture Cream is infused with fermented green tea water, birch tree sap, and ginseng to ultra-hydrate your skin like summer rain.

It also contains the ingredients found in Korean Calming Complex such as rosemary leaf extract, Anthemis nobilis flower oil, and Camellia sinensis leaf extract to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pores for glass skin complexion. 

  1. Ripple Refine Eye Cream

The area around the eyes being the most delicate and thinnest, is the first to reveal signs of aging, which are hard to conceal. Fortunately, restoring its firmness is easy. 

Ripple Refine Eye Cream is formulated with ancient mushrooms that naturally boost the production of collagen to keep the skin around the eye tight and elastic! 

It also contains cucumber and bamboo juice extracts to reduce puffiness and redness brought about by sleep deprivation and allergies. 

  1. First Wave Oil-to-Foam Cleanser

The skin’s natural protective barrier deteriorates as we age, allowing harmful environmental factors to penetrate the deeper layer of the skin. 

First Wave Oil-to-Foam Cleanser is a combination of green tea extract and seawater that work synergistically to regenerate the skin barrier. 

This cleanser starts as lightweight oil that nourishes the outer and inner layers of the skin. Later, it transforms into a cleansing foam that targets dirt and harmful substances in your pores. 

It also contains rice ferment that replenishes skin cells and reduces the appearances of large pores for a finer and radiant look! 

  1. Precious Pool Vitamin Essence

Experience earth’s essential vitamins and minerals in this äKwä silky serum! Precious Pool Vitamin Essence contains ascorbyl glucoside, adenosine, and antioxidants for optimal protection against free radicals. Infused with green tea leaf water, red maple leaf extract, and saccharomyces lysate extract, it allows the skin to detoxify to maintain its glow and radiance.

  1. Glacier Glow Four-Way Toner

Glacier Glow Four-Way Toner is an alcohol- free toner that removes the build up of remaining dirt and dead skin cells. With a blend of rose water, it brightens dark spots and minimizes acne scars, leaving your skin with a luminous appearance!

  1. LavaPure Volcanic Mud Mask

Volcanic ash offers many benefits. First of all, it’s used to treat rashes and discolorations. It also exfoliates your skin to get rid of stubborn dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads. Consists of antibacterial properties and antioxidants, it naturally prevents breakouts and acne problems! 

LavaPure Volcanic Mud Mask is composed of pure volcanic ash and mud to heal and repair your skin. It also contains soybean extract for a smoother skin tone and texture.  


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