Fat-Trimming Foods That Go Well With It Works! Weight Management

Adding certain foods to your diet will complement your It Works! weight management regimen. Such staples shave off those excess fats faster and help you achieve a slimmer, healthier figure. Check out some of them below:



Tomatoes can make even the simplest meals tantalizing, thus allowing you to give your unwanted fat the heave-ho more enjoyably. Perking up your dishes with this fruit (or vegetable) also helps you lower leptin, a protein that prevents weight loss. Additionally, tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, which can bring truckloads of other health benefits.



Substitute barley for white rice in your recipes, and you can boost the power of your It Works! weight management game plan in one stroke. This ancient grain contains sturdy fibers to help you battle obesity. It decreases the digestibility of protein and fat, thus lowering the calories you absorb from them. And barley fiber absorbs water and swells like a sponge, making you feel full longer after your meal.

Black Beans


Meanwhile, eating black beans can help you lose weight without even trying. Like barley, this legume contains high amounts of dietary fiber, which acts as a bulking agent in your digestive system. In other words, it will make you a prolonged feeling of fullness, thus lowering your calorie intake and contributing to your It Works! weight loss plan.

Brown Rice


Adding brown rice to your diet can have many positive effects on your It Works! weight management regimen. Not only will it nourish you with healthy fiber, but it will also help you get a good night’s sleep. The grain is rich in melatonin, a natural hormone known for helping your body regulate its daily rhythms to induce sleep.



A single chocolate chip cookie contains 13 times as much fat as one chestnut and twice as many calories. So if you need a lightweight snack that won’t leave you gasping for junk food, then chestnuts are worth a try. And don’t worry about the high-fat content nuts usually have; this one contains significantly fewer amounts of fats than its cousins.



Not only is salmon delicious, but it contains a unique fat that might help you lose weight. A daily serving of this fish contains high Omega 3 content, which could seriously give your It Works! weight management regimen a boost. So as much as you can, try to include around 12 ounces of salmon in your diet per week. And here’s a recipe tip: grill it by wrapping it in foil with lemon juice and herbs and enjoy a simple yet delicious meal. 



After-lunch sleepiness can trigger a bout of mid-afternoon munchies. By having a bowl of popcorn at hand, though, you’ll be able to keep your cravings at bay. Popcorn can help satisfy your after-meal needs better than candy bars, and it goes well with nutritional products like the It Works! Advanced Formula Fat Fighter™. So if you’re tempted to raid the vending machine after your lunch, then better grab a bowl of air-popped popcorn right away.

Enjoy a Better Lifestyle with It Works!

Pair your It Works! weight management regimen with the food staples listed above, and you’ll enjoy a slimmer figure and more delicious meals in no time.


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