Why You Should Make Instant Iaso Tea a Staple to Your Diet

Losing weight and keeping your body healthy is an arduous task not everyone can do. However, I was able to do so with the help of Total Life Changes’ Instant Iaso Tea. This is the story of how I became healthier and a detailed list of Instant Iaso Tea instructions.

Feeling Heavy

I’ll be honest. My eating habits before were very suboptimal. I was the kind of person who would eat tasty food despite it being unhealthy. From oily fries to meaty burgers, I’d munch on it even when it looked unappetizing. I didn’t mind it at first, but when I started to feel heavy and lethargic, I realized that things couldn’t go on like this. If I wanted to live longer and do my work properly, big changes needed to be made.

A Wakeup Call

Adjusting my eating habits took a lot of work. Not only did I have to eat healthy food, I had to research recipes that were relatively easy to make, cook my meals, and keep track of my weight. My friends were extremely surprised when they saw me eat a packed lunch filled with veggies instead of my regular burger and soda. Even when I felt exhausted from preparing my meals and exercising, it was very fulfilling to have a healthier diet.

Growing My Enthusiasm for Tea

In addition to my healthy diet, I became interested in tea, in particular the kind of tea that cleanses the body. Before, I wasn’t into drinking coffee or tea when I’d eat breakfast. But after I started making healthier choices, tea became one of my staples. I’d purchase tea boxes that would help me calm down, make my body feel better, or feel energized. It was amazing to drink something that didn’t make me feel bloated!

A Good Cleanse with Instant Iaso Tea

As I was shopping for more tea boxes, I discovered Total Life Changes’ Instant Iaso Tea. I was interested as to what it did, and so I looked at its product page. Apparently, the Instant Iaso Tea benefits include making your intestines healthy and digestive system up and running. 

Obviously, I had to make sure that I got my money’s worth, and so I checked out the Instant Iaso Tea reviews. I was surprised to see that it had so much positive feedback. There was one customer who said that they lost 12 pounds because of it!

When I finally purchased the tea for myself, I watched a lot of videos as to how you’re supposed to drink it. I decided to go with this one person who stated the following instructions:

  • Insert 1-2 sachets in a small bottle of water (not the 500ml or 1 liter!)
  • If you feel like it’s not flavorful enough, add a bit of natural sweetener
  • Drink the Instant Iaso Tea around night time for a full detox

Finally Clean

I’ve been eating healthy and drinking the Iaso Tea for months now. I can proudly say that not only have I lost weight, I have become a better person because of my decision to detox my body (and my life).


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